09 Jul 2019


The length of time usually taken to plan a wedding is due to a number of reasons, saving money, popular venues and vendors booking up months and in some instances years in advance, and often guests coming from far flung places need notice to travel.  So if you find yourself in a situation where you need to plan a last-minute wedding, here are some tips to help you in your planning.

1) Set the budget 

Once your budget is set be strict about it!  Don't panic because of the short time frame and overspend thinking it offers you quick solutions.  To do this you might need to think outside of the box when it comes to venues, are there new venues which you may not know about with space for last minute bookings?  Perhaps there has been a cancellation space that you may be able to take at a discounted rate.  This might mean you need to be flexible around your date, but something's gotta give right, preferably it won't be your bank account doing the giving!

2) Do It Yourself 

Can't find a florist? Don't be afraid to DIY, go to a local flower wholesaler, choose your favourite blooms and arrange them in the rustic shabby-chic way which is so on trend at the moment.  Place them in mismatched vases, glasses, jars and bottles.

You could make your own cake, a simple sponge cake with fresh flowers can look incredible. If you choose to DIY elements of your wedding, remember not to sweat the small stuff, getting caught up on minor details will waste your time, energy and budget.

3) Online Save the Date

An online save the date will save you time and money!  At such short notice, it is unlikely that you will want to send save the date cards before your invitations.  Instead, invite your guests by email, on Facebook, or you could create a quick wedding website on at which allows you to invite, collect RSVP's, arrange a gift registry all in one place.  

4) The Bride's Dress

Arguably, the most important part of any wedding and the most commented on element of the day will be the bride's dress!  Don't panic if local bridal gown stores cannot accommodate your last-minute requirements.  Instead think rentals, or off the rack or why not hit-up Facebook Marketplace or any of the many numbers of wedding communities on social media.  A recently married lady in your neighbourhood could be selling the gown of your dreams.

5) The Groom's Suit

Men have it so easy when it comes to wedding outfits.  Suits can be ordered at much shorter notice than wedding dresses.  You will find most high street menswear shops will carry a great selection of men's suits which can be bought off the rack and can be personalised with special shirt, bow tie or pocket square.  Take the time to make sure suit measurements are correct and have the suit tailored if necessary.

6) Bridesmaid Dresses 

Your bridesmaid's dresses no longer need to be matching dresses which are unflattering and worn only once, to be hidden in the closet after the wedding day.  Let your bridesmaids pick their style of dress in different shades of the same colour.  Your bridesmaids will thank you for allowing them to pick a style of dress which suits them.

7)  Finishing Touches

Your decorations and finishing touches do not need to be elaborate, think flower petals on tables in the summer, festoon or fairy lights and simple tealight candles on mirrored plates.  All of these things can be picked up cheaply, can be sold on after the big day and can look incredibly effective.