All children should believe that they can reach for the stars

Home & Family are the springboard for children to reach for the stars.


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All funds from weddings and events held at The Little Chapel support The Home & Family Society, but who are Home & Family and what do they do? 

Home & Family/Te Whare Manaaki Tangata has been in Christchurch for over 120 years. Originally known as ‘The Society for the Protection of Women and Children’, it has consistently adapted to meet the needs of the community.  Home & Family believe that all children should live in homes where they are safe, cherished and where their potential is nurtured.

Why “Reach for the Stars”?

Reach for the stars means that all children should have the confidence and tools to fulfil their potential.  Home & Family support children so that they regain their sense of self-belief and their confidence.  They help families/whānau to understand the importance of attachment, why a child might be behaving in a certain way, as well as understanding their stages of development and how adversity such as family violence can affect a child’s wellbeing.

The welfare of children is central to everything Home & Family do, today, they provide the following services:

Home & Family provide a parenting programme, which helps keep families together by giving parents skills in safe, effective and nurturing parenting. It is a residential programme which runs 24/7, 365 days a year and typically families stay for two months, although there is no time limit. Very often they work with families where out of home placements are being considered for the children.  Research shows children are better off in the care of their parents; Home & Family is committed to keeping children in the care of their parents wherever possible.

Home & Family offer counselling for children, youth and couples, but specialise in work with children, offering play therapy for children as young as three.  98% of their referrals are for children and youth, with abuse and family violence being the most common referral reason.

Integrated Safety Response (ISR) is a multi-agency project that focuses on the joined-up support and services that families, including victims and perpetrators, receive following family violence reported to NZ Police and high-risk prison releases in Christchurch. It tests a new approach to making sure families experiencing violence get the help they need from family violence services.

Each of the services provided is unique, but take a vital place in the landscape of social services available in Canterbury.

To find out more about Home & Family and how you can support their work, take a look at their website.